the new EP Built For Speed coming soon!


The Oldfield Victory welcomes Scott Bland on drum kit

The Oldfield Victory welcomes Scott Bland to the team!

Scott will handle drum kit duties going forward.

Lady Moonlight, the OV’s latest EP is nearly complete. Lead singer, Jon Freeman, filled in on the kit for Lady Moonlight.

The OV intends to start working on new material right away for a fifth EP.

It’s a tough gig playing original music these days. Especially when its rooted in a style most comparable to the 70’s sound.

But that’s what we do…


Working on a new EP

The Oldfield Victory is currently at work on their fourth EP.

Lady Moonlight is the working title for the record.

Jon Freeman (lead vocals and guitar) will double as drummer for this record.

The Amazing Todd Yarrow is producing once again.

More on this soon as well as other exciting news!

Stay tuned…


I’m pretty bad at updating the OV website.

I think it would help if I felt anyone was actually reading! LOL

Graham Lavender played Built For Speed on his Classic Rock show over in the UK today bc he rules!

We were holed up in the studio working on new music for the next RECORD, yup…NOT an EP! Woah…

Is anybody out there???

Write me at The Contact page if you actually read this and check out our latest EP bc it rocks…seriously

Producer’s pick show Sept 19th

The Oldfield Victory’s Wrecking Ball, lead track from the first EP, A Thousand Doors has been chosen for a Producer’s Pick special edition of the Classic Rock show over in the UK.

You can listen on the FM airwaves in Braintree or Worldwide at

Special thanks to Graham Lavendar and his producer who put on this fantastic show weekly across the pond.  We are sincerely honored to be a part of this production.


The Oldfield Victory makes its World Radio Premier in the UK on Monday Aug 1st.

The Classic Rock show, hosted by Graham Lavendar,  on Leisure FM 107.4 in Braintree has been spinning our tunes for sometime now and we are happy to release our first single, Mother Nature, from the new Built For Speed EP with this fine crew.  Hitting the airwaves first in the UK.

Please tune in, across the World and check out our new single.  Classic Rock show airs from 1:30-3:30pm Central time and 7:30-9:30pm in Essex, UK.

Tune in to Under The Radar

Tune in tomorrow night at 10pm to KKFI, 90.1FM Kansas City.  Host John Thomson Todd will be talking with The Oldfield Victory about the new record.



SIMO Cancelled

Unfortunately SIMO has had to cancel the remainder of their tour.  This would have been our third time supporting this band in KC and we were very much looking forward to this show.  Hope to see you at another live gig soon!


The OV invades the UK


Let it Ride EP

Let It Ride EP

Dec. 12, 2015

Friends, check this out. An FM radio station in southeast England has selected “Let It Ride” by The Oldfield Victory among its Best of 2015.

Graham Lavender, host of the “Classic Rock” show on Leisure FM 107.4 in Braintree, Essex, England, has been playing our stuff for a couple of months. Graham sent word that he’ll be spinning “Let It Ride” during his show on Monday, Dec. 14, as part of the Best of 2015 celebration. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. UK time and is streamed live at

As an independent rock band based in Kansas City, Missouri, we are very grateful to Graham, Leisure FM, and all of our new friends across the pond. Earlier this year, “Let It Ride” was included on a compilation CD cover-mounted to the June issue of Classic Rock Magazine in the U.K. and the July issue in the U.S.

“Let It Ride” is the title track of The Oldfield Victory’s second EP, a four-song release recorded by Jon Freeman/Todd Yarrow, mixed by Todd Yarrow and mastered by Chris Goosman.

The Oldfield Victory is Jon Freeman, Casey Wallace, Dave Tanner, Paul Hagedorn and Jeremy Keeler.

Our next live performance is Wednesday, Dec. 16, at The Record Bar in Kansas City.

More music, news and information:

The Answer pay a visit to Kansas City

Though they are currently out on tour with well known rock band, Whitesnake, The Answer (from Ireland) took a day away from the tour and brought their high energy rock show to Davey’s Uptown on Friday July 10th. If you’ve not yet heard of The Answer we will include a video of theirs so that you too can learn to love this kick ass band! The Oldfield Victory was lucky to support The Answer and hope to share the stage with them again in the future!

The OV and The Answer @ Davey's Uptown after the show on 7-10-15

The OV and The Answer @ Davey’s Uptown after the show on 7-10-15

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Oldfield Victory – Let It Ride

Oldfield Victory are named after noted racecar driver Barney Oldfield – the fastest man alive in 1903. Like ol’ Barney, Oldfield Victory are bona fide no-compromise, no-surrender types – wholly dedicated to the resurrection and preservation of good ol’ US hard rock. Amen to that.
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